Where did I go wrong?

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Where did I go wrong?

Postby Zee » Sat Sep 29, 2012 1:41 pm

Looking for a little advice and help to see where i went wrong.

I was at target looking for beard trimmers and dish soap this morning and ran across a georgious woman. She was a solid 8, with no make-up, wearing sweats and a tank top. She would EASILY be a 10 if she even halfway fixed herself up. She walked past me and i didnt say anything. Two minutes later we crossed paths again, made eye contact and smiled at eachother. I went in for a number....

Me: Excuse me, i have a quick question
HB: (looks around nervously) okay....
Me: I have a very special evening planned with a woman I hold very dear to my heart... My mother.
Me: (smile) Well, I just moved into my new apartment and told her that I would cook dinner for her--
HB:(interupted me mid sentence) Thats sooo sweet
Me: (laughed a little) But, I dont know how to cook. And am looking for advice on something that tastes good and simple enough that a monkey can cook
HB: Haha, well what do you normally cook??
Me: I get fancy... ramen noodles, and frozen dinners is my specialty
HB: haha
Me: And on occasion, when im feeling frisky, I chop up some hot dogs and throw them in with the mac-n-cheese. By the looks of thing (peeked into her cart, she has nothing but frozen chicken breast and lean cuisines) I think im asking the wrong person. haha. Any sugestions?
HB: haha, ya caught me there, i dont cook much either. But, I dunno. maybe some pasta or chicken and veggies.
Me: Hell yea, you have great insight, fettichini (spelling??) alfredo sounds awesome. Where do I get the sauce and pasta at around here?
HB: (sarcasm) the pasta isle.
ME: haha, attractive and sassy. Thats a pretty killer combination
HB: (halfway blushes and switches topics) Your mother would love pasta, im sure itll taste great
Me: how about you showing me the pasta isle. You have a full cart and obviously know your way around the food isles.
HB: (grunts) Alright, fine

we walk over there, she shows me some noodles, we flirt a bit, And exchange names

Me: I love your insight and thanks for helping me. How about you give me your number and Ill let you know how it went, and if your filling dangerous, Ill cook for you one night. (I open my phone and hand it to her, without waiting for her response)
HB: (puts in her number)

Then we say our good byes and go.

Upon arriving at my apt, i check to see if she really did give it to me. After searching through my entire list of contacts, it wasnt there. She obviously did not put it in

1. Where did I go wrong? She was laughing the entire time and showed signs she was into me.
2. Although unsuccessful this time. I will use it as my approach for grocey stores. What are some good convo starters that work in different situations? For example, gas stations, movie theaters, waitresses, library, etc...

Id love some feedback on what went wrong with my approach at target, and some things some of yall use in different situations.

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Re: Where did I go wrong?

Postby Triumvirate » Sat Sep 29, 2012 5:32 pm


I don't know that you did ANYTHING wrong. Ultimately, you don't know why she didn't put her number in your phone. Maybe she has a boyfriend, maybe she has some guys on deck, maybe she hates guys who like pasta, who knows?

All you can do is put yourself in the best possible position, then let the chips fly where they may.

Did you put yourself in the best possible situation?

From what I saw, no.

When I approach a woman, I am going to try and eliminate as many variables as possible. I am going to screen for logistics, I am going to show my intent, and I am going to display my personality.

The beginning of my conversation probably would have looked similar to yours but I would have just cut the shit and told her straight up that I wanted to get to know her better and gotten her number for that reason. If she didn't feel comfortable, or she had a boyfriend, or didn't like guys who eat pasta, she can make that abundantly clear upon speaking with her in this manner.

I can say that these days, if I get a flakey number, its usually because I try to act as if I want the number for one reason, then when I get the number I try to flip the script. In this case, your words were saying, "I want to get your number so I can let you know how the meal went" but I will guarantee that based on your description of the girl, your body language and tonality were saying "God, I want you"

I suggest being congruent with what you want and what you say.
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Re: Where did I go wrong?

Postby Tribulus1000 » Mon Oct 01, 2012 4:30 pm

Agree. Nothing wrong except maybe she couldn't figure out your phone. The interaction sounds like it went off very well. Good Job.

The same thing happened to me one time. Met a great girl at a bar. Got the number. I put it in my phone and when I looked for it, it wasn't there.
I was bummed. I really thought this girl liked me.

The only thing I can say is we have to get back out there and meet girls. Keep it up.
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