Nuances that increase compliance

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Nuances that increase compliance

Postby hustler » Sat Oct 06, 2012 5:01 pm

Every once and a while I'll find a study or two that directly relates to pick up, and I'm sure these concepts are floating around the community somewhere. If anything this can serve as a reminder to be more intentional with kino and how you approach:

Requests to the Right Ear Are More Successful Than to the Left:

Touching a girls arm upon a request increases compliance: ... n-arm.html

Elbow and hand touching when done discretely increases your influence over others, makes you more memorable and creates positive impressions: ... at-is.html
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Re: Nuances that increase compliance

Postby Tribulus1000 » Wed Oct 10, 2012 6:00 pm

Now that's cool. I've always done the strong eye contact close up - that one is good.
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