PUA Openers & Stories Work Hand & Hand:

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PUA Openers & Stories Work Hand & Hand:

Postby chakara » Thu Oct 11, 2012 5:30 pm


PUA Openers are designed to get you in the door with a beautiful woman and should not be overly complex. PUA Openers do not have to be related to one and other; as a matter of fact the openers should be so far apart in relation to topic that it improves the opener diversity. Here is what I mean, if opener #1 is:
• I’m sorry may I ask your opinion about something (anything).

And opener #2 is:

• I’m sorry but you look so familiar to me…where are you from?

Both PUA Openers are great and not complex at all, and once you get use to using your own openers you will be able to anticipate the perfect time to utilize these PUA Openers. Remember don’t rush the situation, let it flow naturally and then move into the next step which will be story telling.

[b]Tell A Story:

As soon as you get yourself in the door with your PUA Opener, you want to follow the PUA Opener with a story, and in this story you want to accomplish these three goals:

• You are a leader amongst men.
• You come pre-selected by other women.
• You have had lots of beautiful women in your life.

By making these points in your story the women learns that she is dealing with a man’s man who has respect from other men, and this will heighten your value. The woman also learns that you are wanted and in great demand by other women, and not just other women, but other beautiful women, once again you increase your value.

None of the above tips are hard to put together, they may sound complex just because it appears that you are winging the whole situation, however, once you get used to approaching with a PUA Opener that leads right into a story of interest, and conveys those three major points in your story line, it would be almost impossible to lose the woman’s interest.

I personally have been in the PUA community for quite a few years, now I do not have a long boring story about how PUA has changed my life around with women, because I’ve always had success with women…however, PUA training has helped me understand the psychology behind women, and the differences between the two sex’s (Male & Female). I like to update the world on what is new in the PUA community and throw a few gems out there to the "world wide web" because these tips maybe able to really help someone through the tough time of finding a mate for life, or finding a mate for one night. I would encourage readers to go beyond this post and learn more. To find more Free content on how to use PUA Openers, tell stories, and lots more act now and got to this 100% free PUA training site: http://mysterypua-pua.com/ then come back and reply to this post. 8)
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Re: PUA Openers & Stories Work Hand & Hand:

Postby Triumvirate » Fri Oct 12, 2012 7:59 pm

The openers you cited both assumed that you were taking up the woman's time by talking to her. That's exactly the WRONG mindset to have.

According to DJ Fuji, stories with DHV spikes actually do not help your game and actually make you look like you are trying to brag.

I checked out the site and it has a heavy influence in Mystery Method. Not saying that's bad, but MM is certainly not the latest and greatest technology that is available.
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Re: PUA Openers & Stories Work Hand & Hand:

Postby Tribulus1000 » Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:16 am

No this does not work. Take it from someone who has tried it...many times. I took a bootcamp with those guys in 2006.
The DHV and MM Model are outdated and field tested by thousands of guys. If it was so successful, there would be lots of guys getting laid all the time.

Look, women like you in a split second. That's all it takes. They smile. This is how us humans have evolved.
They like what they see and they smile and hold the eye contact for a little longer.

These are the ones to approach.

Also you can gauge if women are game to talk to guys just by their body language and how they sit. If they look up and around the bar/club, then they're usually interested in meeting guys.

When you do approach, don't using a dhv is hardly worth it. Instead, use some baiting, sexual framing and jokes.

DHV'ing is old school and isn't worth doing unless you can show someone something...like the old photo routine.
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