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Postby chakara » Tue Oct 16, 2012 9:59 am

Approaching Women "Secrets" of the “Three-Second Rule”:

What is the "three-second rule? The “three-second rule” hands down is one of the most tried-&-true methods used for effectively approaching women, but the majority of men don’t even know about it.

Men spend numerous hours learning intricate pick up lines & practicing amusing comebacks in the hopes that they can make an impact on a woman within the first few seconds of them getting together, but the reality is that most of that doesn’t matter in the least.

Brilliant First Impressions:

Women shape an impression about a guy before he will even say one word. This is why it is imperative that the first impression be brilliant. What that means is a guy should focus on building his self-esteem & improving his life before he even thinks about approaching women. However, even if you don’t have it all together there are techniques that can be used to help you as your approaching women.


Guy’s who adopt alpha male qualities, & confidence, & make these traits a natural part of his persona has won half the battle when it comes to approaching women.
The three-second rule comes into play once the alpha male qualities are broadcasted through body language & posture, letting the women know that he is confident & worth getting to know.
The three-second rule is the belief that a guy should know within three seconds of seeing a women & deciding he would like to get to know her & acting on this feeling because those first few seconds are very essential in the approaching process.

Applying the three-second rule leaves no time for self-doubt in the alpha male, or that nagging little voice inside his head that talks him out of approaching the women. Most of the time that little voice in a man’s head is his own worst rival. The three-second rule eliminates that problem altogether. A man can act confidently before any uncertainties set in. It has been proven to be a surefire technique for overcoming approach anxiety & making it easy for any guy while approaching women.
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Re: 1-2-3...Approach...or...Not?

Postby Mojo » Tue Oct 16, 2012 1:56 pm


Welcome to the board and thank you for the thoughtful dissertation on the 3 second rule. I'd kindly request to 1) have the threads posted in the correct forum and 2) not to spam the board with website links. Since it offers free services, it's all good, though don't over do it :twisted:


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