A pick up challenge that raised an interesting question

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A pick up challenge that raised an interesting question

Postby hustler » Mon Nov 05, 2012 2:05 pm

I was out with some of my civilian friends and they issued me a challenge. They point out a hot girl, I hook the set then they roll in and try to sabotage it. They would walk up and start saying random stuff trying to interrupt and make fun of me. "He's gay! He has kids! Poop! Penis! He sucks!" A few times they kissed me on the cheek or sniffed my neck. Ya, it got weird.

I held my frame, pulled them in close 'so we could hear each other better' and in about a total of 2 minutes of interaction I was able to make out and number close three of these in a row. 2 out of 3 continue to text me, one just gave me a couple of responses.

Here are some other things to note:
- 2 out of 3 of these were seated sets where they were just casually talking to their friends
- I normally only get the make out vibe that quickly when I'm doing dance-floor game or really late in the night when the girls are drunk
- One set I did a double OTPF (over the pants finger more on that later) so I OPTF'd them both at the same time before making out with one of them.
- This may be normal for some of you guys, but not typical for me

I certainly felt like I had some pressure to make something happen since it was framed as a challenge. Did the added pressure make me do better, and we should approach sets with a certain frame of mind that is similar to that situation "This is a challenge, push the interaction as far as it will go" ?
Did my friends inadvertently raise my value somehow, and it actually helped me?
Is there something else at play here?

As a side note, after three times they figured out that they could kill the set by turning their attention to the girl with a barrage of "Why are you so comfortable with this random guy, do you see him touching you like that, why are you letting him touch you like that, he was just making out with that other girl right there, you're weird" I tried to power through and between my frame and my friend's, you could see these girls freak out. Their eyes get really big, they put their hands over their ears but they still staid there for some reason…funny stuff.
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Re: A pick up challenge that raised an interesting question

Postby voyager » Fri Nov 09, 2012 12:56 pm

We did an AMOG night via the boards a few months back at Cowboys Red River. We'd actively try to fuck with other dudes, or outright steal their girl.

Shit got ridiculous because you knew another dude could be right around the corner ready to fuck you up. I think it pumps up your testosterone and forces you to act much quicker than you normally would.

That said, I'll try to organize another one of those AMOG nights after I get back from Thanksgiving. Tentatively, I'm looking at Thursday 12/6 at Cowboy's Red River again.
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Re: A pick up challenge that raised an interesting question

Postby hustler » Thu Nov 15, 2012 1:43 pm

Sounds like a lot of fun. Count me in.
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