Have you Mastered your own Power?

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Have you Mastered your own Power?

Postby MasterKrafft » Wed Nov 07, 2012 2:17 pm

Personal Power-

If you look at a healthy 100 year old oak tree and then look at an acorn you realize that this tree has likely been through hell and back, regardless it kept growing and became strong and powerful and now the wind, rain, sun, or even most animals have little to no effect on it.

So where are you?

Are you the acorn, or a young tree, or perhaps a mature tree dealing with a serious problem that has stunted your growth.

Relating to the game-

You must develop a certain kind of power in order to attract women. This power, like any form of power must be developed.

If you are tired of failing with pick up lines, and wearing weird clothes and feeling like a fraud then I can help.

My Coaching is on a month to month basis and requires a high level of commitment.

call or text

214 445 7404

Kraft= force, strength, power

Have you Mastered your Kraft?

Ask me about the 31 day challenge if your ready to take your game to the next level
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Re: Have you Mastered your own Power?

Postby Triumvirate » Wed Nov 07, 2012 6:07 pm

I go to dallaspua and what do I see: a random guy offering coaching.
(It almost rhymed)
Oh well, at least its not a guy living in another state directing us to his Mystery Method themed blog or website. I digress.

Mister Craft,
Why should anyone take coaching from you not having seen you in field. As long as we're issuing challenges, I offer you one: show off your pick up prowess in-field. If you are up to my standards I will give the official Triumvirate Seal of Approval. We have a meet up next week, that would be the perfect opportunity.

See you next week,
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