Best Article From Last Week: Indicators of Interest

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Best Article From Last Week: Indicators of Interest

Postby EricS » Sun Nov 03, 2013 11:27 pm

Hey guys,

This is my best article from last week. I wanted to share it with you because it probably interests you.

Please do leave a reply on what you think of it

Taken from:

Calibrate Your Indicators Of Interest

It is good to tell a woman she is cute, great to talk to or that she has real sexual prowess. You need to calibrate your indicators of interest (IOIs) to the girl depending on their personality and / or how your interaction is going. It would be unwise to call a shy conservative girl sexy where cute may be more appropriate, just as calling her sexy within the first 10 minutes of meeting her will resonate differently if you have already been on a date and spent time together.

Usually where guys go wrong is that they are too explicit in their statement of intent, so they seem needy or horny and they fail to say it with conviction. You do not want your IOI to be awkward because then when they think about sex with you what feelings will they have? The ones they first felt at the time the issue was raised: awkwardness.

The Right Way To Communicate Your Interest

There are a few ways to communicate your interest and still seem like a non-needy gentleman. Firstly do not hesitate when you deliver your IOI. Assume that it is on, assume that she already wants to kiss you, know that you are an alpha male who can take what he wants when he wants it. If you believe it and do this with enough conviction they will assume it is true. Hesitation shows a lack of confidence, which will reduce attraction and place you a few steps back in your interaction. Maintaining solid eye contact in addition to touching them will demonstrate that you are confident enough saying what you want and that you assume that you can get it. Eye contact conveys conviction whilst touching lowers her defenses.

Do not wait for a reply. This is the same principle as with a Neg: whenever you say something that makes it obvious that you are changing the way an interaction takes place, do not let them reply. Make a smooth transition into this new place by continuing to talk. Giving them time to reply will usually result in an awkward silence and will also show neediness on your behalf. It will look as if you are seeking some kind of reciprocation to give you a clue that you are on track.The confident man knows that he is on track.

Give them the IOI once they have earned it. Do not just throw it out there when they have not demonstrated something to you of value. Remember they need to be selling themselves to you. If she says she just came back from a year of travel you could say “That’s awesome, so you’re cute and cultured. How long were you away for?” The fact that you continue on talking casually conveys that you deal with sexual interactions and the dating game on a regular basis, this type of direct flirting does not bother you and that you do not waste time.

Incorporating your indicator of interest within a normal and causal sentence can aid in avoiding over escalation.

An IOI can be a pretty blatant thing. To avoid it being all pull and not enough push do not emphasize the importance of the statement by devoting a whole sentence to it and then waiting for an answer. It is not that important because you know she wants you anyway. She will realize this is how your mind works and that you are alpha. Now you have just created considerably more attraction and let her know this is a sexual interaction, you are not here to just be friends.

Her Indicators Of Interests Explained

After having read a myriad of different body language books I compiled the most widely accepted interpretations of what a woman’s body is telling you.

Crossed Legs- Legs crossed away from you so that the outer thigh is used almost like a barrier is a negative sign. It means they are closed to something you have said and need further reassurance or winning over before you can make a move. It shows defensiveness and aims to protect or shield the person away from harm. Alternatively, legs crossed towards you shows she is comfortable with you and has no need to be defensive, which is a positive sign.

Preening Rituals- can include anything your lady does that has to do with her looks. When a woman preens herself through actions like brushing off imaginary dust, playing with her hair or jewelry, or decides to put on more make-up this is usually a very positive sign. These actions are intended to get you attention. For example, she might play with her necklace so you’ll notice her breasts, or flick her hair so you see her neck.

Bedroom Eyes- a sideways glance and then looking away just as you catch their view is a common sign of attraction. She will hold the man’s glance just long enough for him to notice and then pull away. Like the cat & string theory mentioned in our previous article, she gives the man a taste of what is to come and then retracts it. Classic push / pull. Another give away is when her head is tilted downwards but her eyes are slightly closed but looking up at you like a puppy dog who wants a walk.

Posture- her leaning in is always a positive sign as it shows she wants to be closer to you. If she hunches herself slightly whilst talking to you it can usually be inferred that she is seeking approval or feels inferior.

Lips- when attraction begins to brew within a person certain chemical reactions, such as the release of dopamine in the brain, follow on to physical reactions. Hairs will stand on end, heart rate will increase and blood will begin to flow into the required places, one of these being the lips. Instinctually we are programmed to react to the size of ones lips. They are sensual and are one of the most commonly exercised erogenous zones.

You will not be able to tell if her lips have slightly increased in size but when it happens the blood rushes to them and they tingle. Her automatic reaction is to bite the bottom lip.

Licking of the lips or applying some kind of lubricant (e.g. lip gloss) is described by Dr. Desmond Morris as “self mimicry” as it is intended to symbolize the female genital region. This gives the woman the appearance of sexual invitation.

Fondling a Phallic Object- cigarettes, wine glasses and straws being stroked can all allude to what is on the woman’s mind.

How To Read Her Signals

Take note that any one of these signals on its own is insufficient to read your woman. You need to look at 3-4 of these in succession to get a more accurate read. Once you receive between 3-5 IOIs from her, depending on how obvious they are, she is usually ready to be kissed.
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Re: Best Article From Last Week: Indicators of Interest

Postby Papa » Thu Nov 07, 2013 6:57 pm

Too bad the link is no good. I would have liked to see more. I thought the article was very good, but short.

I'm not sure if this was posted by a regular or a general promotion by a new user.
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Re: Best Article From Last Week: Indicators of Interest

Postby mondayluvx » Wed Nov 04, 2015 4:08 am

I understand you to say that I have experienced.
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