First date advice

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First date advice

Postby tkdm » Sat May 02, 2015 7:30 am

The first date is my main sticking point. I can approach the girl (lately mostly daygame) and I often have at least ok reactions (they never think of me as weirdo), I talk to her a bit and it's either "Nice meeting you, bye." if she is not interested or I get her phone number. Text game is one of my strengths and I usually do cocky-funny stuff. I can feel that she becomes really interested and we arrange a date.

Just the other day I went out with this beautiful tall girl and we were talking and laughing. I had relaxed body language and good eye contact. It turned out we were really similar, liked the same stuff, etc. I did some light kino (touching her arm and thigh) and she wasn't flinching. I finally went for a kiss and ran into a wall. She said she wasn't ready for a relationship. Really!? Terrible excuse...

I went home asking myself what did I do wrong. I'm missing something. I really liked this girl and now it's all over. Female interest is so volatile, fleeting thing.

I would appreciate some advice about solidifying attraction and kino escalation on the first date. Thanks.
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Re: First date advice

Postby Mojo » Wed May 20, 2015 8:31 am

What kind of "date" are you taking them on?

Check out one of my tried and true favorites back in the day:
Used this multiple of times with great success.

Search for my LR's using the search function. I always try to explain my strategy when writing LR so you may find them useful.
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