Why Texas Girls are Different

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Why Texas Girls are Different

Postby Scratch » Fri May 27, 2016 4:22 pm


I'm an experienced student of SS and NLP Plus, recently moved to Texas, I live in the DFW area. Let me get right to the point - I have been successful in different cities but it took me a few months to realize why Texas girls are different. I was told by an experienced Texas PUA that Texas girls want to be chased.

I'll meet a Texas girl, things go good, then she pulls back and gives me attitude. Always. While this is usually a sign of disinterest, in Texas I've learned that girls that really like you can do this!

I've been successful by taking her "pulling back" as sincere disinterest on her part. I never fight sincere disinterest, so I move on. Then often they come back, thinking something is wrong with her. I'll get strong rapport when she pulls back and often that sparks her interest to come back sooner.

I've looked at this board and I'm surprised to see a lot of generic pick up advice. Can anyone point me towards TEXAS-SPECIFIC pick up techniques rather than generic?

Experienced PUA but new to Texas girls
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