Wingman Rules

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Wingman Rules

Postby Mojo » Mon Aug 22, 2011 2:13 pm

This is a summary of the basic rules and strategies of a wingman. Like all pickup use this as a guide rather at set-in-stone rules. Add and modify to tailor it to your unique style.

Wingman rules are a powerful tool that can give you powerful, potent unfair advantage over the competition. The primary purpose of the wingman is to help his man. If the wing can also game up his own target in the group, fine. But that’s not his first priority.

1. NEVER go in a 2 set with your wing, unless it's a 3+ set. The reason you DON’T go in the set with your main man is 1) one man is less threatening than two and 2) so you don't compete with him. Let him establish his alpha status and then get in the set. He who opens the set, owns the set.

When entering, you may want a code from your wingman to see if he is ready for you to enter. A popular on is “Have you seen Michelle?”… if he says “yes, she is over there…”, then don’t enter… go find “Michelle”. Other wise if he says “No. Though meet these cool girls”, enter. Btw, I like this one because it shows you know other girls.

A 2 set is perfect for sarging with a wing because with two to two interactions, the obstacle can easily be occupied, isolated, and split. With 3+ sets, you can go in with your main man, because the group is big, sometimes it's hard to get everyone's attention.

2. The 3 second rule applies when winging. Do not stand still like a puppet, get
into the conversation fast.

Coordinate. Be familiar with the material your wingman is using will allow you to know some witty, funny shit to say beforehand. Getting the ladies laughing at first helps set the mood and makes it easier for you to get in and talk.

3. DO NOT compete for attention with main guy, let HIM be the MAN. If he goes to the rest room, pump him up. Tell the HB’s that “He won’t say this about himself but he is blah blah blah” Bragging about yourself is a DLV. Having someone brag about you is a huge DHV!

Put you arm around his shoulders and tell them he is the coolest mother fucker you know in Dallas – his reply should be “don’t listen to him, I’m the biggest geek” make them laugh

Always agree with what the main man says, since he is the guy running the
show. DO NOT disagree with him under ANY circumstances. Never take the girls' side over him. He is always right. Disagreeing with the
main guy would take away his alpha status and also makes him look like he is
lying to get chicks (not good).

Your wing's feelings are important to you, even more important than the girl's feelings. If he approaches your set you will turn to face him. (girls do the same with her friends.) If you disrespect your wing it will lower your value to the girls! Never leave him standing around without acknowledging and/or introducing him.

4. Isolate/occupy obstacle right after getting into the set. You should be able to tell which HB he is gaming. Turn your body toward the obstacle, having your back to the HB your buddy is gaming. This makes you the obstacle.

Be aware of how you can position your body to create the best separation
between the obstacle and your main man's target.

Plan how you enter the group and where you stand so that the main
man's target is semi-isolated (you're between his target and the
obstacle) Not always doable, but if you can avoid it, don't allow HB &
obstacle to end up sitting or standing side-by-side.

Reverse isolation- wing(s) take obstacle(s) somewhere else on some
pretext (get a drink, dance, see what is happening on other side of
the room, whatever) and main man & target are left alone. Look for
opportunities to do this. You might want to have some signal so you
can indicate what you're up to & main man can indicate that he's sure
target will stay with him.

If your target asks about the other two, say something along the lines like “They seemed to be hitting it off… they’re probably making out”. Suggesting that the other two are getting it on it gives her permission to do the same.

If some Cock Blocker (CB) is sitting next to main man's target & gets up to go on
some errand (toilet, bar, etc.) swap seats with them immediately, and
engage in a bit of rapport building. It's a win-win. The CB either
1) takes your old seat when they get back, the socially acceptable
thing to do, which now means you've got them physically further away,
or 2) they demand their seat back, which can look insecure if you
out-alpha them

5. Know when to eject. Have some sort of secret code for ejecting. Many times it’s a good idea to eject on a high point then re-open set later. Also, if you get the feeling you are creeping the girls out, eject. Don’t continue with that set.

Wingman: “Damn. We forgot about Michelle.”
DaMan: “Yeah, lets see how she is doing”

If the main man is close to closing, DO NOT EJECT before your main man closes. This is important. Sometimes it means you need to take a bullet for your bro so don’t eject no matter how UG the obstacle it.

Do not close before communicating to your wing first. Sometimes it's
easier to close at the same time. Think about it. Suggest somewhere you can
all go as a group. Once you are out of the club setting, the game is much
much easier (Game over).

6. This is a corollary to 3. Keep everything positive, except when negging.
Don't get talking about the invasion of Iraq, or your mother's hemorrhoids,
or whatever, even when you are occupying a UG obstacle who you wouldn’t close in a million years, and even if you think it's the most interesting thing in
the world when she brings it up. Sarge her, even if you have to hold your
nose to do it. Talk about feelings, talk about fun, excitement, good body
feelings, and always steer things in a positive direction if she brings up
something negative. You've gotta keep the mood of the whole group positive.
Of course, this applies whether you're alone or with a wing.

These are the basic strategies. Though one more thing about social proof.... Since we usually sarge in groups, give the other guys social proof. When passing by say "What's Up bro" and give them a hand shake, then leave. Text each other on the phone and let the ladies see you are so f'ing popular. I hope this helps,

When in doubt, go caveman
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Re: Wingman Rules

Postby GettenJizzywitit » Sun Jan 06, 2013 11:29 am

I had to re-read the basic rules set forward for winging. Playing the acting role to wing the 'Main Man' can be fun. It's even better if the 'obstacle' girl is also worthy of being picked up. Regardless, I always enjoyed taking part in this and is only a small portion of my time to help someone on their game.

For myself, many of the suggested rules are more or less common sense; however, I've encountered and read about some guys in the field who saw it otherwise. It could perhaps be a matter of wrong perception of the situation on the wings part. Sometimes the winging aspect of it all isn't even negotiated among the guys and someone's just walking into other guys sets randomly.

I think Mojos wingman guide should be a basis for foundation at a minimum between the two guys. It can be discussed in pregame meeting, etc. Regardless of your skill level, PUA credentials, methods or style, as a wing you have to set aside your pride and do something for another person. This isn't rocket science but if you walk into another guys set unannounced, de-value the main guy, don't show him attention, or just stand there saying random stupid things like your trying to change the conversation, your target girl will say things like:

1. "Do you two know each other?"
2. "Did yall just meet tonight?"
3. "Are you two really friends?
4. "Why are you not talking to your friend?"
5. "Why is your friend not talking?"

True Story Example
Recently I had a friend that I've always known to work with a wing as part of his bar/club game so I automatically figured he knew the drill. To my surprise he randomly entered my 2-set on the side of my target girl, made a motion for me to move, then took my place where I was standing and engaged my target running his game on her blocking me out. I waned to punch him in the face and didn't care about the results. Needless to say, the other girl left and the whole thing went down the drain. When things like this happen it can be detrimental to friendships, affect the mood of the night, and doesn't help anyone achieve the common goal.

Best advice would be a know the person your working with and don't take anything for granted.
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