Vector Lawsuit Concluded

The lawsuit filed against Jamie Kawabata, aka Vector, has been concluded. I am happy with the settlement.

Here are the facts concerning Vectors actions:

1. Hacking: Sabotaged www.dallaspua.com , making it inoperable

  • Making mass email inoperable
  • Installing a backdoor for unauthorized access
  • Sending out emails to all newly registered users redirecting them to his site

2. Libel: Using lies, both slander and libel, to dragged Mojo's name in the mud

  • In order to gain support for his unethical actions

3. Theft: Stole emails and contents of database for his own website

  • Instead of putting in his own effort, he had to steal the efforts of others.


Documentation and records exists proving all facts stated; they are irrefutable. As a result, Jamie Kawabata, aka Vector, agreed to pay thousands in compensation along with an apology letter in order to settle the lawsuit. As part of the settlement Vector requested that the contents of the apology letter not be divulge.

It is hoped the thousands of dollars paid in the settlement, lawyer fees, along with the apology letter regarding his unscrupulous actions will be an example and deterrent to others who would use manipulation, lying, and game playing for their own selfish desires.


Claim Letter:

Settlement Doc:


A Diplomatic Attempt

Thanks to TheRussian for his unbiased, objective effort in trying to secure a diplomatic solution in an attempt to avoid introducing lawyers.

Here is the order of events:

1.  Jamie sabotages dallaspua.com and steals content for his own site under false pretences (see Libel above)

2.  TheRussian offered to mediate a solution.

  • My objective:
    • to ensure an organization, governed by a Constitution, was running Dallas PUA society rather than one person.
    • To avoid a split in the community
  • Jamie seemingly agrees to a proposal which TheRussian said was more than fair. TheRussian leaves, whereas Jamie changes his mind, throwing out the idea of a democratic council to run dallaspua.com in favor of retaining absolute power for himself.

3.  TheRussian talks to Vector to no avail

4.  Some fellas stated a lawsuit should be filed against Vector, and I agreed, though I made one final attempt at a peaceful solution

  • I talk to Vector stating that I'd rather work together than involve the law
  • Vector thinks I am bluffing
  • Vector gets served


First, some guys take game playing too far and assume others are playing games. Don't play games. Second, there are those who go through life bluffing and those who don't. It's best to be the latter.

Again, it is hoped that this lawsuit will serve as an example to others who may selfish intentions have a second thought. Now it is time to get pass this and develop the Dallas PUA Society into an organization that serves the fellas in the community.




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